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Your IP team in Turkey, securing, defending and enforcing intellectual property rights.


  • Preparing and prosecution of patent applications

  • Preparing and prosecution of PCT National phase entries

  • Preparing and filing European patent validations

  • Preparing response to office actions

  • Preparing and filing third party observations

  • Defending and prosecuting post-grant oppositions

  • Searching and monitoring third party patent rights

  • Providing opinions on the validity and infringement of patent rights

  • Supporting patent litigation

  • Providing advice on the patentability of technical innovations

  • Providing freedom-to-operate opinions prior to market entry

  • Providing business advice on the management of existing patent portfolios and future filing strategies

  • Renewal fee payments

  • Patent related translations

  • Providing training on patents

Trade Marks

  • Filing and prosecution of trade mark applications

  • Defending and prosecuting trade mark oppositions and cancellation proceedings

  • Enforcing trade mark registrations

  • Providing opinions on validity and infringement of trade mark registrations

  • Providing advice on the registrability of trade marks

  • Providing clearance searches prior to trade mark adoption

  • Advising on all aspects of unregistered marks

  • Providing business advice on the management of existing trade mark portfolios and future filing strategies

  • Trade mark renewal fee payments

  • Providing training on trade marks

  • Advising on domain name registration


  • Preparing and prosecution of design applications

  • Filing and defending invalidity applications

  • Enforcing design registrations

  • Providing opinions on validity and infringement of design registrations

  • Providing advice on the registrability of designs

  • Providing clearance searches prior to market entry

  • Advising on all aspects of unregistered design rights

  • Providing business advice on management of existing design portfolios and future filing strategies

  • Design renewal fee payment

  • Providing training on designs


Avoidable shortcomings during prosecution plays an important role for a successful litigation.A primary requirement for effective prosecution is a thorough understanding of the technologies involved, combined with excellent communicative skills to obtain all information relevant to the invention.Patent prosecutionOur practical experience in construing claims and our continuous communication with our clients allow us to provide high quality prosecution services in order to ensure the positive outcome of the patent applications.It is also important during prosecution to become aware of the critical information related to the history of the subject patent application as well as the other patent family members for preserving evidence in proceedings before the Turkish PTO as well as before the Turkish national courts.We provide a streamlined and efficient procedure, combined with comprehensive case management skills in order to ensure the consistency during the prosecution of the patent applications.


Valuation of an intellectual property not only depends on the intrinsic value and the commercialization of the invention or the brand, but also the market in which the intellectual property is commercialized, as well as the general macroeconomic conditions. Thus, valuation requires a broad understanding of intellectual properties, business, markets and finance.Proust Patent provides academic-grade valuations for both market value judgment purposes and accounting purposes.Market valuation of intellectual property assets have indispensable use in business decisions such as new investments, market strategies, mergers & acquisitions.In accounting, intellectual properties are recorded as intangible assets and the valuation rules are governed by IFRS (or another government body such as GAAP, which your company's accounting system follows.) Accounting valuations may or may not reflect current market valuations from which business decisions arise; regardless, it is a benchmark valuation and it is of constant use in company balance sheets.Valuations services are provided for portfolios of or individual intellectual properties for a variety of customers:
- Corporations
- Startups & Entrepreneurs
- Investors & Investor Groups
Please kindly send us your inquiry, if you are considering valuation of your intellectual property portfolio to see how we can help.


One of our defining features is that we understand the businesses of our clients. With a clear communication and in total understanding with the clients, we lay out the groundwork for strategical decision making in IP related decisions.A good IP strategy requires a deep understanding of the following areas:
- Business & Business Knowledge
The commercialization of an intellectual property inherently depends on how the current (or conceived) business operates. The revenue model of the business and how the new invention or trademark protects or extends it are key foundations.
- Competition & Market Knowledge
IP strategy is not independent of the competition in the market and the current segmentation of the market under which the business operates. With an understanding of the market, IP strategy should be in sync with the general strategy of the business.
- Intellectual Property Rights Knowledge
Another pillar of a good IP strategy is a good IP domain knowledge. Only with knowing the perks & details of your rights, how they protect you, time requirements, costs and how to get to the protection on top of your head will enable you to consider your IP strategy options in full.
- Litigation Knowledge
Access to practical knowledge in protection of theoretical rights is integral to founding a sound IP strategy. Proust Patent excels at combining local practical litigation experience and IP knowledge under its umbrella and it works with similarly talented firms globally, providing access to practical knowledge in forming an IP strategy.


We have an exhaustive local jurisdictional knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in realizing their potential and maximising their IP assets.Our dedication and flexibility allow us to quickly form an integral part of your team and understand your business and industry.Our technical bench includes patent attorneys and experts with advanced degrees and experience in a variety of technical areas, especially electronics, computer science, telecommunications, pharma and biotech, medical devices, chemical engineering, materials and automotive – so we can quickly understand your technology and industry.We support you at every stage of life cycle of your IP from protecting and securing your IP assets to defending or enforcing your IP rights.


Our vast expertise in various technical areas and our extensive litigation practice and experience results in high quality patents, both in terms of validity over the prior art and enforcement in court.We have technical and legal experts to handle a variety of technologies including electronics, computer science, telecommunications, pharma and biotech, medical devices, chemical engineering, materials and automotive and we integrate technical and legal expertise at the highest professional level.

IP Leadership

Europe & Turkey

Canan Öztürker, Patent Attorney

Canan founded Proust Patent in 2018 as a boutique IP firm with a modern management to set a high standard in the practice. She is an experienced patent attorney, who represents clients before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. She advises patent protection strategies, patentability analysis, portfolio management, and preparation and prosecution of patent applications before the Turkish Patent Office and the European Patent Office. Canan’s practice also involves handling significant complex IP litigation in industries, including patent infringement and patent nullity matters. She is a court appointed expert before the Turkish courts.Prior to Proust Patent, she enjoyed over 6 years experience as a prosecution and litigation practitioner with a Turkish IP firm, Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency A.S. In that capacity she drafted patents, and worked in patent prosecution, patent portfolio management and patent litigation. She worked with top clients requiring highest standards, including leading European and Japanese corporations. Over the years, she supervised and mentored junior attorneys and senior paralegals in patent prosecution.Canan has graduated from the Chemistry Department of the Bogazici University. She took a variety of trainings in the IP field including EPO Praktika Intern, and presented the Turkish patent law, the European patent law and procedures to companies and academic staff of the universities. She has passed papers A and B of the EQE, and is on the way to become a qualified European Patent Attorney.Publications
- International Law Office: Post-grant opposition under draft IP Law, 2017
- Lexology: Patents in Turkey, 2017
- International Law Office: Turkey accepts TRIPs amendment on export of pharmaceuticals, 2013
- Member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)

IP Leadership

US & Asia and Pasific

David Park, Patent Attorney, Attorney-at-Law

David worked as an environmental engineer in a consulting firm for three years after receiving his bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Afterwards, he attended UCLA School of Law and have worked over 12 years for law firms with a particular focus on high technology clients and intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights. During his past 12 years of full-time legal service, he has counseled and developed long-term relationships with universities, international corporations, and SMEs to provide counsel on legal issues, develop and manage patent portfolios, and obtain international intellectual property rights.He has taught within the university, secondary school, primary school, corporate, and law firm environments. Currently, he is also teaching an intellectual property survey course and an Internet Law course at Tbilisi State University within the law faculty.

Business Leadership

Valuation & Strategy

Orçun Moralı, PhD

Orcun is a top grade researcher with a focus on finance and computer science. He has conducted research at Bogazici University and Yale University, which are among the top universities of Turkey and USA. He has professional experience in management, computer engineering and finance. He holds a PhD and an MBA degree from Bogazici University and a BSc in Computer Science from Bilkent University.Orcun leads Proust Patent's valuation and strategy services with his financial expertise. He handles matters related to computer implemented inventions, artificial intelligence and machine learning. He also manages the IT infrastructure of Proust Patent and oversees the company policies on information security. He keeps the company lean and efficient, enabling Proust Patent to provide exceptional service to clients.

Litigation Leadership

Yaşar K. Canpolat, Attorney At Law, Trademark Attorney

Mr. Canpolat, the founding partner of Canpolat Legal, is a tech-savvy lawyer having experience in Data Protection, Information Technology, Payment, Fintech, Intellectual Property and E-commerce Law.Prior to establishing Canpolat Legal, Mr. Canpolat has worked for DERIS IP Firm, a Tier 1 IP firm and also for Bankalararası Kart Merkezi, (BKM) a well-known Fintech company of Turkey.Having technology literacy on emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, IoT and Cloud Computing, Mr. Canpolat had chance to get involved in numerous FinTech and Data Protection Compliance Projects as well as IT deals and PoCs. Mr. Canpolat is an active member of international organizations such as AIPPI and IAPP.


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Translation Process

to assure Quality

Overview of Our Process

The more individual patents applied in multiple countries, the more incentivized overall innovation is. Translation of patent documents is the barrier in reaching large-scale protection.We understand that the quality of the translation matters not only in the application/validation process but also in the future of a patent's life. A patent is meant to protect the rights of the owner in its full life time and its strength originates from how strong the text will stand in a possible case of an enforcement or litigation. A clear, concise and exact representation of an original patent document is critical in the practical protection of the innovation in a foreign country.We consider the quality of the translation as a key to form a better IP rights environment and a better innovation environment for all. That is why we employ a double quality assurance method on each of our patent translations.

Translation Process

to assure Quality

1) High Quality Translation: Patent-Oriented

Our process starts by translation of the original patent document by patent-specialized translators. At this stage, the translators are experts of their language and highly experienced in patent translations. The translators we work with are the best available translators around and we compensate our translators' efforts very well with respect to the market.

2) Quality Assurance 1: Technical and Legal

We assign a Patent Attorney with a relevant technical background to each of the translations. This step has two main goals. First, as patent documents are technical and legal documents, and the terminology may have nuances, our technical patent attorneys find the best terminological representations. Second, as our patent attorneys are experienced in enforcement and litigation, they can chose the best formulation of translation. At this stage, our patent attorneys work very thoroughly, going over the translation word by word.

3) Quality Assurance 2: Language

At this stage, we have the translation controlled one more time by a different translator. The controller performs a formal check, a language check and an overall check of the translations with a fresh eye.

4) Finalize and Apply

The proposed change logs in the second quality assurance stage are forwarded back to the assigned Patent Attorney. The last edits and decision making are made by the Patent Attorney. And the translation is finally ready for the application or validation process.